I gave my first public talk on Saturday at FrOSCon 13. In case you're interested in how we maintain Docker base images (based on Debian-slim) at REWE Digital, the video is already online (German). The slides are also available and a tarball, containing the slides and all files, so you do not have to copy the snippets from the slides. The relevant tool, container-diff, is provided by Google on GitHub. In case you're interested in our migration to microservices, you can find the referenced talk given by Paul Puschmann at OSDC 2018 on Youtube (English). If you've any question regarding the talk don't hesitate to write me a mail, details on how to reach out are here.

If you're interested in the topic I highly recommend to also watch the talk given by Chris Jantz Unboxing and Building Container Images (English). Chris is not only talking about what a container image contains, but also about the rather new Google tool Kaniko, which can build container based on Dockerfiles without root permission and without dockerd.

Beside of that two of my colleagues gave a talk about Kafka from a developer perspective Apache Kafka: Lessons learned (German). Judging from the feedback it was well received.

All in all it was a great experience and a huge thank you to all the volunteers keeping this event alive, especially to those who helped to set me up for the talk. You're awesome!