Recent changes to this wiki:
version vanity
add link to java 10 downloads
java 10 and java-package fork
add wiki.d.o link
add wiki.d.o link
download hint
fixup markup
fixup headline
fixup markup
bios updates
half-assed jdk9 packaging
offering entropy key
last rites to the lyx ecosystem
fix old netsnmp backport url
smaller fixes
add missing empty line to fix formating
make node name consistent
add munin tls setup notes
fix links and formating
registration spam and whois databases
typos II
fix markup
busybox and ash with dot seperated env variables
another one
add kudos
second round of fixes
first round of fixes and reformating
first version of uefi-pxe notes
chrome 58 ignores commonName
https with Tcl
lineageos on the falcon
host access with sssd and grouOfUniqueNames
extent kudos pt II
extent kudos
add link to lineage builds for falcon
add a missing dot
try to fix bullet points
add Benjamins debugging slides
E7470 alps driver issue in Linux 4.9 < 4.9.6
spelling and wording fixes
fix indention
chromium and extensions
am I a target now?
seems there is no generic symlink so linking abi version 5 to 3 explicitly
fix typo in lineage os
fix the instructions related to the libtiff ABI version - bad bad mistake
few fixes and a f-droid link
reactivation of moto g with exodus
TMOS 12.1 mv causes tmm segfault when renaming a pool
update regarding section printing, link bugreports I created
remove comment in command
another typo
style again
small style and wording fix
small style fix
add a thought about a usecase for flatpak
small clarification
fix typo
fix a few links
a journey on opensuse
better headline
lyx 2.2.2 uploaded
wosign issues page post
add a link to one of the crash bugs
document my latest mailclient advances
add a note about NaturalScrolling configuration with libinput
close the link
ranting about terminal emulators
update: specific block of curl
fwf5 curl considered evil
does distribution specific knowledge matter
update hopenpgp-tools
more html entities
use lowast html entitie to avoid markup issues with markdown and special use of *
examine gpg key properties
mention it is a cover
add link to the xchat-guile RM bug, thanks Lionel
note that hexchat has a xsys plugin
RM bug for xchat created
fix posix link
grep pipe wc minus l
increase indentation
sdtout stderr with f5 - who cares
add links to show updates script by T.P.
add some bugzilla links
add a link to the technotes at RHEL for the grep update
add some centos yum and rpm commands I learned about today