Lately I experienced some new kind of spam, at least new to myself. Seems that spammer abuse registration input fields that do not implement strong enough validation, and echo back several values from the registration process in some kind of welcome mail. Basically filling the spam message in name and surname fields.

So far I found a bunch of those originating from the following AS: AS49453, AS50896, AS200557 and AS61440. The first three belong to something identifying itself as "QUALITYNETWORK". The last one, AS61440, seems to be involved only partially with some networks being delegated to "Atomohost".

To block them it's helpful to query the public radb service for all networks belonging to the specific AS like this:

whois -h -- '-i origin AS50896'

Another bunch of batch capable whois services are provided by Team Cymru. They've some examples at the end of

In this specific case the spam was for "" which is currently terminated at CloudFlare and redirects via JS document.location to "", which in turn redirects via JS window.location to "" which is again hosted at CloudFlare. The page at the end plays some strange youtube video - currently at around 1900 plays, so not that widely spread. In the end an interesting indicator about spam campaign success.

Update: Hint to my future self on how to lookup several ASN networks and generate a nice list of it:

for x in $(grep -Po '[0-9]{3,6}') ASNblock.txt; do whois -h -- "-i origin $x" | awk '/^route/ {printf $2 " "}'; done