mpt-status packages for RHEL / CentOS 6 and 7

Here is my source rpm and some binary packages of the mpt-status utility formerly found on All packages were build on CentOS with help of mock.

git repository

mpt-status with mpt-statusd init script

Starting with version 1.2.0-3 my package contains a port of the mpt-statusd init script from the Debian package. This feature requires the daemonize package, which is currently available from the EPEL repository (thanks to Sven Lankes and Niels de Vos #746783).

Since I lack hardware to test the package, CentOS 7 switched to systemd the CentOS 7 builds should be taken with a grain of salt and tested carefully in your enviroment.
While the init script is installed and registered with chkconfig it will not work without a daemonize package which you've to organize yourself. I've lifted the depedency on this package and do not activate the init script for any runlevel.

RHEL / CentOS 7: x86_64 SRPM

RHEL / CentOS 6: i686 x86_64 SRPM (old package without daemonize dependency: i686 x86_64 SRPM )