In my day job someone today took the time in the team daily to explain his research why some of our configuration is wrong. He spent quite some time on his own to look at the history in git and how everything was setup initially, and ended up in the current - wrong - way. That triggered me to validate that quickly, another 5min of work. So we agreed to change it. A one line change, nothing spectacular, but lifetime was invested to figure out why it should've a different value.

When the pull request got opened a few minutes later there was nothing of that story in the commit message. Zero, nada, nothing. :( I'm really puzzled why someone invests lifetime to dig into company internal history to try get something right, do a lengthy explanation to the whole team, use the time of others, even mention that there was no explanation of why it's not the default value anymore it should be, and repeat the same mistake by not writing down anything in the commit message.

For the current company I'm inclined to propose a commit message validator. For a potential future company I might join, I guess I ask for real world git logs from repositories I should contribute to. Seems that this is another valuable source of information to qualify the company culture. Next up to the existence of whiteboards in the office. I'm really happy that at least a majority of the people contributing to Debian writes somewhat decent commit messages and changelogs. Let that be a reminder to myself to improve in that area the next time I've to change something.